Casy Study – Claughton Medical Centre

How can we adjust the number of incoming lines to match our staffing levels, which is currently a problem during our busy hours? We would hate to leave calls unanswered.
This was the question Claughton Medical Centre posed to Norgate Telecom.
Chapel Lane Surgery Cabinet
This situation is not unique to Claughton and we have implemented similar solutions to the Practices at St. Marks Medical Centre, Southport, Lambgates Health Centre, Glossop, and Chapel Lane Surgery, Formby.

Our solution was to enable staff to log on at their own extension which allowed the system to adjust the number of calls queuing to the number of staff logged in.

Does your Medical Practice have issues with the ever increasing number of inbound calls?

Norgate Telecom will provide a free consultation to establish what can be done for your practice even with your existing system.
Claughton Medical Centre

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St Marks Medical Centre Southport