Casy Study – Burbo Bank

Burbo Turbine
In October 2008 Norgate Telecom received an enquiry from an electrical contractor who had been commissioned to install a new sub-station in Wallasey. The enquiry was to establish whether Norgate Telecom had the necessary Health and Safety accreditations for working on the Burbo Bank Windfarm and the appropriate skills for splicing and testing fibre optic cables.

Norgate Telecom in partnership with Wirral Installations were subsequently awarded a direct contract by DONG Energy Denmark having passed the QHSE requirements specified by DONG.

The work entailed passage by sea to each of the 25 wind turbines to carry out the designated splicing of the fibre optic cables and conversion of connectors at the Wallasey sub station. A full testing procedure was undertaken and certified to above standard specification.

If you are involved with a project either land or sea based that requires a fibre optic installation procedure of similar stature then please get in touch to discuss your particular circumstances.
Burbo Bank

Burbo Bank