Leased Lines are introduced when resilience and capacity are major business requirements. They offer a dedicated, point to point, unrestricted Internet connection that is permanently available for your exclusive use.

Recommended applications

Leased lines are ideal when your business requires a resilient, fast, high capacity 'always on' Internet connection.

The business benefits

  • 99.99% availability SLAs for the ultimate in reliability.
  • Completely un-contended service - you don't share your internet connection with anyone.
  • Fastest symmetrical speeds available - same speed up and down.
  • Delivered over a 10MB, 100MB or 1 GB fibre optic bearer you can quickly scale your usage up and down depending on your needs.
  • Seamless failover to ADSL available.

Product specification

  • Delivered over Fibre with Ethernet presentation to site
  • Includes Juniper Service Provider gateway
  • Includes a block of 8 static IP addresses (6 usable)
  • 99.99% availability SLA as standard
  • A range of service level options
  • Seamless failover to ADSL available
  • Lead time 45-60 working days (depending on work required)