Norgate Telecom Services can provide business calls and lines packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business, whatever its size today or tomorrow.

We can offer you a full range of telecommunications services and highly competitive tariffs as well.

Whether you need us to arrange the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services, Norgate Telecom Services makes everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations.


Transferring your service to Norgate Telecom Services can deliver immediate benefits for your business, including lower line rental costs and simplified management, as well as improving the level of ongoing service and support that your business receives.

Our highly experienced network team will provide you with a single point of contact for all your network requirements.

  • low cost business calls
  • lower than BT line rentals
  • a clear and independent picture of your line infrastructure and its cost to your business
  • free advice from our team of network specialists
  • dedicated UK support centre
  • calls don't leave the BT network

Free line audit

Before beginning the process of migrating any customerís existing lines, we carry out a full audit. This helps us to build a clear picture of your line infrastructure and also helps us to identify ways in which you could save money, such as terminating unused services and rationalising your line infrastructure.

New installations

As well as providing your existing lines, we can also install new lines for you we can install the following:

  • PSTN / analogue lines
  • ISDN2e for voice and data
  • ISDN30 for high capacity voice and data applications
  • SIP trunks - IP trunk lines approved for connection to all leading business systems
  • ADSL and Fibre broadband
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • Leased Lines
  • Managed WAN services


All line products are backed with a choice of maintenance packages. Simply choose a level of cover that best suits your business. Call our network team on 0151 220 5556 or email us at for more information.